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Rock On Advisors is a Brazilian early stage startup funding and operating partner, and digital transformation expert for established companies.

As funding partner, we invest in startups in the following segments:

  • E-commerce
  • Digital media
  • Entertainment
  • Cyber security

In our startups, we apply a customized framework aligned to the strategy of each company, presenting a toolkit that assists managers in decision making in a fast-paced environment.

Thus, and connected to traditional financial metrics, we generate rapid growth and build value in the long run. We act as a sounding board: we constantly challenge the founders to present better solutions, always supporting them in their decisions.

Rock On

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Rock On

As funding and operating partners, we apply the proprietary methodology Pulse in our startups, focused on rapid growth and value generation. On the other hand, as advisors to large established companies, we apply Pulse to incorporate the transforming element needed in traditional corporate environments.

Pulse is a management methodology developed jointly by the Rock On Advisors and Silicon Valley-based High Voltage Ventures founders, all of them presenting more than 20 years of experience in the digital world, including global companies.

The methodology includes:

  • Best practices
  • Inovation in digital products
  • Exponential growth drivers
  • High performance teams development
  • Establishment of KPIs and monitoring metrics

Mentoring & Workshops

We offer customized solutions for transforming business leaders and for training high performance teams.

Aspects addressed in the mentoring sessions:

  • Support for decision-making
  • Conflict resolution
  • Operational support

At the Workshops, we focus on:

  • Peolpe management
  • High-performance teams engagement
  • Digital transformation
Rock On

About Paulão

Rock On Advisors was founded and is led by Paulo Sergio “Paulão” Silva, a Latin American internet pioneer. The executive has a consistent track record in the ​innovation and digital transformation fields. He has always worked in the business area, with a background in strategic commercial planning, partnerships development, new business fronts opening and results optimization. He is also recognized by the ability to build up and motivate high performance teams that excels in extremely competitive markets.

A Brazilian Internet pioneer, since the beginning of his career he has advocated the use of metrics, surveys, constant monitoring and evaluation tools to grant engagement and the best experience for clients. This was fundamental in helping to lead Terra (Grupo Telefónica), the company where he was the global vice president of the commercial area until 2012, to quickly (little more than a decade) become the largest digital media company in Latin America.

He moved into e-Commerce in 2013 and from 2015 to 2018 he was the CEO of Walmart.com in Brazil, one of Walmart's four key e-commerce markets around the world. His main missions were Market Place development and preparation for its next market moment, operating integrated with the physical stores. Paulão was responsible for the design and implementation of strategies to ensure sustainable growth, customer focus and intelligent productivity, which promptly led the company to present one of the three largest audiences in the country.

One of the IAB Brazil founders, he was also responsible for the internet area at the Circulation Verification Institute (IVC). Paulo Sérgio Silva holds a degree in Advertising (Anhembi- Morumbi/SP - 1986) and Marketing (FGV/ SP - 1999) and is certified by the Columbia University Leadership Program (2008) and the Corporate Governance course in Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC/SP-2017).


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